Can you describe the key moments in your artistic journey?

Can you describe the key moments in your artistic journey?

I hated art.

I was never related to art.

I was definitely one of the worse students in art during school.


But there was one moment in my life I felt emotionally down. it was not a depression, but I was missing something in my life although I had a family, friends, a dog, a great job and my (now) husband martin.

So Martin bought me a set of acrylic paints and a little canvas. He thought this would be relaxing for me. And he was right! I enjoyed it so much that I started to watch some youtube videos about “painting with acrylic colors”. After weeks of a little Jackson Pollock- Fun in our garden, I discovered acrylic pouring, later resin.

I though myself, communicated with some resin artists on social media and started to develop my own style. And suddenly I just started to put some stones on top of a resin piece to cover my poured mistakes: GEODE ART was born!

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