As Taylor Swift sings in her song "haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate .... lovers gonna love, love, love, love, love, love...", this blog is about my way of dealing with haters.

When i startet my social media life on facebook and instagram, i had no idea that there will be a point of having haters. Of course, many people told me that before, but - u know - making the own experience or confrontation with haters is something totally different. They are hurting u. They are blaming u. They are spreading out non-sense and negative energy.

At the beginning of this "hater-time" it`s hurts and i had no idea how to deal with them. I tried to justify myself with direct messages, comments under the blaming and redicoulus posts, but the only thing i achieved with this was making them stronger and giving them exactly what they needed: ATTENTION and their good feeling of satisfaction. So i gave them the chance to enlarge their platform and i soaked up all the nagative energy.

With this hater-experiance u reach a point for yourself with two options:

1) give up, delete all your feeds and accounts and to be beaten


2) taking this as a chance to develope yourself, getting stronger and keep on doing

Honestly, the first option is easy. u just have to press the button "delete your account" and then u get rid of all the haters and negative energy.

The second option requires strenght, even more strenght, and staying power, which is easy said and really hard to run.

I decided myself to go with option two: getting stronger and seeing haters as a compliment of jealous people who are frustrated of their own life and have nothing better to do than blaming others for their own mistake in their life achieved nothing. And it was the best way for me i could ever have choosen: it made me stronger and much more proud to be what i am: an artist who goes her way of an successful art journey.

Who ever out there is dealing with some haters: stay strong and use this negative energy to turn it into positive energy. there is a speach: "blaim an artist and u will see a masterpiece"!

A big thank u to all my lovely followers, artist colleagues, friends and familiy, who gave me this power to stand the haters and are my back!!!!

a big kiss and hug