Why did you end up creating your own resin brand? How Colorberry is born?

Why did you end up creating your own resin brand? How Colorberry is born?
I hated the name COLORBERRY at first. it didn't fit me at all - I thought! But in a brainstorming day together with some friends I asked for help, how I should call my brand. The word COLORBERRY came up and I was outvoted by my friends. I love colors because every room in our house actually has a different color scheme. I love berries, so you better not leave me alone with a strawberry cake, because in the end there would just be dough for the others to eat....


I actually wanted to offer only 2-3 colors to stir into the resin in the beginning, because I myself as an artist really had problems finding good pastes at the time that don't discolor, that don't flocculate, that don't fade in the resin. And I have actually hit a nerve! So many resin artists felt the same way I did. The market was and still is flooded with offers and especially as a beginner you are totally overwhelmed. So I made it my goal to research and study the resin market and to include only the best of the best in my assortment. And now I develop my own colors, my own recipes for resin, have products specially made for COLORBERRY, to give the resin artists the confidence and the security that nothing can go wrong. COLORBERRY ist nicht nur eine Marke - es ist eine Lebenseinstellung, eine Statement. Quality before quantity.

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