"ROSE"  RESIN PIGMENT PASTE *new bottled* (50gr.)
"ROSE"  RESIN PIGMENT PASTE *new bottled* (50gr.)
"ROSE"  RESIN PIGMENT PASTE *new bottled* (50gr.)

"ROSE" RESIN PIGMENT PASTE *new bottled* (50gr.)


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For sure u know one of my best selling items: RESIN PIGMENT PASTES.

I changed the look a little bit for some pastes with a new bottle and label. so to put it in a nutshell: a completely Make-Over for the pigment pastes.

Now it is filled in airless micro spender which allows the liquid not to dry out, easy dispensing - no sticks are required to dose the perfect density of the color in the resin. There will be no left over in the bottle, because I am sure u wanna use every single drop of this high quality product. It is now no longer necessary to screw the cover back on to prevent unnecessary soiling of the liquid. It can also be stored vertically or horizontally in your studio without leaking. to By the way it looks sexy as well ;)

Now it's your turn! Please help me to test this great new development. If you have bought this product, I will send you a questionnaire via email. As soon as I get it back with qualitative answers, I will send you a 10€ voucher for your next purchase! 

Usage: Just use a small amount of it to create a transparent look. By mixing more color into the resin u get an opaque colored resin.

Please be aware of using not more then 10% of the pigments with resin.