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...the excellent choice for your DIY-molds!

COLORBERRY® SILK SILICONE is a two-component silicone rubber suitable for the production of durable, detailed, elastic and demanding molds. With its unique purple color, even mixing the components A+B is fun. It flows like pure silk and meets the high standards of COLORBERRY® GmbH.

The COLORBERRY® SILK SILICONE has the following qualitative characteristics:
- polyaddition silicone
- Final hardness / Shore A: 28 
- very good reproduction accuracy
- very low shrinkage

How to work with the COLORBERRY® SILK SILICONE? 

**Working temperature: at least 15°C
**Simple mixing ratio 1:1 by weight
**Viscosity; approx. 10.000 (mPa-s)
**Working Time (23°C I 75°F): 10 minutes I 10 minutes
**Demoldable after (23°C I 75°F): 4 - 6 hours