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U are totally new to resin / epoxy?

U wanna know how to start?

(once u paid, u will get an email for your perfect date with MRS.COLORBERRY. This class is NOT about my tables or geode art. It`s for beginners!)


Resin Art is all on trend & this class will provide you with everything you need to know about it and have a good start in this "resin world".  This class is only for beginners! I will walk you through all the knowledge & hands on activity to create your very own resin wall art masterpiece. 

MRS.COLORBERRY will help you create your own piece of resin wall art & learn all aspects including:

  • What is resin & safety required using it
  • The application for a successful surfaces
  • Explore the mixing of different pigments, colour, glitters
  • Design your own artwork & use your own colour choice
  • Learn the trade secrets in creating the perfect high gloss finish

U can book know 2 hours of having a chat via skype or zoom with MRS.COLORBERRY and she will guide u through all the most important things about resin. U will get a handout, a list of the best tools ( based on her experiance) and a lot of tips&tricks:)

This is a sticky & messy medium that you will love !!!! <3


What u gonna need for this meeting:

1) laptop with camera

2) skype