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Hello my dear DIY friends!

It's time for a new creative idea - this time with JESIN.
Today I show you how I marbleize my beautiful JESIN pots for creating a wonderful and unique container for my wax candles. There are various options here for a candle wax container, but for me personally the best option is the self-cast JESIN container. The JESIN material is flame retardant and super suitable for pouring wax into it. Not only does it simply look beautiful, but my favorite thing about it is the individuality of each container - a small work of art hand-poured from sustainable and eco-friendly material! Mega right? What a statement your candle makes when it not only smells amazing, but also looks great. A real statement piece for your home ...

First of all, the main feature about JESIN and why it is such a great material for candle wax:  It is flame retardant (EN 13501-1 and ASTM E84-15b) ! So more then perfect for this purpose.

But enough about the properties, let's get right to it!

For a silicone mold like the one I used (by the way, you can buy it at amazon under silicone plant pots ), you need about 1.2 kg of JESIN.

This means that in the next step we mix 400 gr of JESIN liquid and 800gr of JESIN powder. The JESIN has a mixing ratio of 2:1 (powder / liquid) and makes calculating the amount so easy. Simply place a mixing cup with 1 liter volume on a scale and weigh it.

Then mix the weighed amounts together until it is a nice homogeneous mass without lumps. This mixing process should not take you longer than 2-3 minutes.

Then the processing time starts, which for JESIN is 20 minutes - which is sensationally long in relation to other polymer plasters.
The Marble (here in pink) is created by adding JESIN colors: LIQU-MENTS. I added a few drops of LIQU-MENTS FLIRT here and mixed it only "a little" with the whitish JESIN afterwards, so that a nice marbling can already be seen in the mixing cup.

Immediately afterwards, I pour the JESIN into the silicone mold.

Then - and now I tell you one of my secret tips - I take a massage gun and hold it against the silicone mold or even on the table itself to remove the air bubbles and bring them to the surface. This vibration is actually the only way to remove air bubbles in the mold. Neither a hot air gun, Bunsen burner nor the COLORBERRY BUBBLEBYE will help here. If the air bubbles are on the surface, you can simply blow them off or grind them away afterwards.

After 20-30 minutes, you can now remove your creation from the mold and view the beautiful marble. 

What a stunning piece of art, right? If u wanna use it now for pouring wax into it, u should let it cure for another 24-48 hours.

For all the ones who are interested in pouring a scented candle, I wrote another amazing blogpost with the perfect recipe here.

So, and now let's go! Just pour!