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TOP 10 PRODUCTS - u can not buy in my online shop - version 2

TOP 10 PRODUCTS - you can not buy in my online shop - version 2

As MRS.COLORBERRY, it is in my interest to give you honest and objective recommendations on products that I use myself in making my art, but that I do not have in my own online store. Unfortunately, I really can't offer everything, even if I would like to do it so much ;)

If I would only promote my own products, it might seem that I am only trying to increase my own sales. By recommending other products as well, I show you that my priority is to give you the best shopping experience possible and value having the same options when casting with resin as I do.
I base my recommendations on quality, functionality and customer satisfaction, regardless of the brand or where the product is sold.

Now you can find below my TOP 10 products that I use almost daily, but are not available in my online store. Just click on the link (the header name of the product) and you can buy the product on amazon!

robably the most coveted product, after which I am asked almost daily is my beloved

DIAMOND DUST for extra sparkle

I love this kind of glitter!
I spread it over my GEODE ART, work it into JESIN (see picture below) and sprinkle it over these little homemade druzy clusters. And here we are already at the next product recommendation....


To make these small and also large DRUZY-CLUSTERS yourself, you need a decosand, which you then first mix with resin and then shape accordingly. So here is the sand that I currently use for this type of project!

the perfect HEAT GUN

I am also often asked which hot air dryer I can recommend. Well, I know that there are many Ambieter on the market, but the hot air gun from Steinel is just great for working with resin. It has a lot of features that others don't have, like a silicone base that you can put down vertically so you don't burn anything when the nozzle is still hot.

HOLOGRAPHIC FOIL for special effects in resin

This is the No. 1 trend in 2024 and is already playing a major role in 2023 if you ask around: holographic foil! I use this foil for my smaller resin projects.

WOODEN ART BOARDS for wallart with resin

The wooden canvases I use for my OCEAN ART or GEODE ART are also in high demand. This link leads to different sizes of wooden canvases and have a really nice high edge / frame, which makes your artwork appear even more exclusive.

FROG TAPE for the sides

I like to use this tape ultra when it comes to clean edges and often combine it with...

WHITE GESSO for priming wooden boards

GESSO, which is needed to seal the unprimed wood canvas.

Here are 3 more products that I love and can recommend 100%:




I hope I could help you a little with my product recommendations. Now I wish you happy shopping and on the next great work of art from you I'm looking forward like mad!



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