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10 biggest mistakes pouring scented candle in my JESIN container

10 biggest mistakes pouring scented candle in my JESIN container

My 10 biggest mistakes I made when pouring my scented candle!

Here you can find out the 10 biggest mistakes I made when pouring my scented candle into my self-pulled JESIN container.

How naive was I? I seriously thought that anyone who knows how to work with resin and jesin and has years of experience in doing so would be able to pour a little wax into a container. Fiddlesticks! I think I did everything wrong that you can do wrong. I completely underestimated the hobby of "pouring candles" and quite honestly, it took me back to the days when I first started out with epoxy resin: completely messed up! :)

I had this beautiful container cast from JESIN, a material that is fireproof and flame retardent, so it's perfect for a candle. And as I love scented candles anyway and have one in almost every room, I thought to myself: I'll do it myself now, it can't be that difficult. So I watched a few YouTube videos and shopped in an online store for candle wax.
Everything arrived quite quickly and I started immediately, after all I had poured 50 JESIN containers to make the perfect Christmas present for family and friends.

So after I had processed my 35kg of candle wax and the candles had cooled down, I thought to myself: "Before I give them all away, I should at least try one!" Thank goodness I did, because the candle:
1) Did not smell at all
2) The candle wax only burned in the middle of the container - the edge remained untouched by the heat and didn't melt

I then made a story on Instagram and asked for help. I was contacted by a lovely person (Chris from @soylight.ec) who quickly analyzed my candle. She told me what mistakes I made when pouring and would now like to list these mistakes for you:

1) THE CANDLE WAX - I used the correct wax, however I heated it incorrectly and ruined the wax by adding the wrong heat.
-> Mistake: heating the wax incorrectly!
-> Mistake: not paying attention to the temperature of the wax for heating!

2) THE WICK NO.1 - although I watched many YouTube videos and also checked the Ambieter's homepage for the perfect size, this wick failed to melt and burn the wax.
-> Error: Wrong amount of wicks in relation to the size of the container!

3) THE WICK NO.2 - This wooden wick that I used for my candles somehow didn't burn properly, it just smoldered. It was very disappointing...
-> Mistake: I did not pre-treat the wooden wick!
-> Mistake: The wooden wick must only be a certain length above the wax for lighting!

 4)THE FRAGRANCE OIL - I also googled what the perfect amount of fragrance oil to add to the wax was, and still my candle just wouldn't smell good.
-> Mistake: Not paying attention to the temperature at which the fragrance oil should be added!
-> Mistake: Not paying attention to the correct incorporation of the scented oil into the wax!

5) COOLING THE WAX - As I am a very impatient person, I put the candles outside immediately after pouring so that they cool down more quickly.
-> Mistake: Definitely do not put the candles in the cold to cool down

6) THE TIME UNTIL THE FIRST LIGHTING - As I really wanted to test one of my scented candles before I sent them all out, I used one of them as a test. Unfortunately, this test was not successful.
-> Mistake: I tied the candle too soon after pouring and didn't take the resting time of the wax into account

7) TEST CANDLE - before even thinking about pouring candles in bulk, I should have made a test with only ONE candle.

-> MISTAKE: Do a test run with one candle!


To sum up, I have to say that I really underestimated the topic of "pouring your own scented candles".
However, I have summarized how I would do it again in a detailed blog post so that you don't make the same mistakes. So it's a success guide for your DIY scented candles by MRS.COLORBERRY.
You can find the post here!


Thank u so much for reading and your support!