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BUY IT LIKE MRS.C - Version 1

BUY IT LIKE MRS.C - Version 1

Hello dear pouring lovers!

It goes off into the first shopping round (VERSION 1) of my recommendations or purchases on amazon.
Since I can not offer all items in my online store, I do not want to withhold from you, which products I buy on amazon to be able to fully let off steam artistically.


I work in resin and jesin pours - u can achieve an amazing 3D-Look by pouring them in resin and jesin!

Macaron silicone molds

this are super cute little silicone molds for "food pours" with jesin and / or epoxy resin

LEGO silicone molds

every child loves LEGO and u for sure as well if u once started pouring in them with resin or jesin

can u imagine pouring them in different layers? like a bloody layer with resin and a matte layer with JESIN? just be creative!
These molds can be super cool if u wanna imitate some chocolate ;)
yes! Let`s start pouring more ice cream ! 
If u wanna use the holographic sticker files for your artwork - let's go for it !

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