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ELEGANT TRINKET TRAY - black & glitter

ELEGANT TRINKET TRAY - black & glitter

Hello and welcome to my new "HOW TO POUR" blog post. My name is MRS.COLORBERRY ( well, almost... actually Steffi) and I will show you today how I poured this beautiful, elegant and quite simple trinket tray today.
It doesn't always have to be super elaborate to cast beautiful things....

You actually only need (just click on the names to see the product)

1) JESIN + LIQU-MENT JET (black color)

... and a silicone mold of your choice.

 As already mentioned in all my posts, I will not go into the basics of working properly with RESIN and / or JESIN here. For this you will find separate blogposts...

So let's go - we start right away!

In the first step, we mix about 50 ml of resin. Here I can recommend the GEODE RESIN (here: 25 ml resin + 25 ml hardener), because it has exactly the right viscosity for the desired effect. And after mixing the two components, we add glitter. Here you are free in your choice: fine or chunky, one color or multicolor, with or without holographic effect. However, I'm very happy to tell you which glitter colors I love to use:
1) 50% chunky Champagne GLITTER by COLORBERRY
2) 50% fine holographic GLITTER by COLORBERRY

The amount of glitter you add to the mixed resin should be about the same volume as the resin, so it's proportionally a lot of glitter that we need here.

The glitter-resin mixture should be really viscous now and not run off the stir stick easily. It's almost like a kind of modeling clay ...
Take the stick with some "sticky" glitter and pull the stick slowly over your silicone mold, so that you get a straight vein. The resin glitter is only partially applied to the mold and should not completely fill the mold for this look.

Now let this glitter line dry for about 6-8 hours, but do not let it harden completely!

In the next step, grab the COLORBERRY JESIN product, which is a plaster-like compound. Mix the powder and the liquid (here 300 gr total: 200 gr powder + 100 gr liquid) to a homogeneous mass, so that you see no more lumps. To color it deep black, I can recommend you the JET ( black) from the COLORBERRY LIQU-MENTS. Add it to the JESIN amount and stir it in. Depending on how much black you want, you may need a little more JET. Less JET would result in an anthracite - which certainly also looks nice.

Now simply fill the silicone mold with the black JESIN. Normally, we can remove the JESIN from the mold after 20 minutes, but we are dependent on the curing time of the resin (glitter part), which needs another 12 hours.
Once the 12 hours are up, you can take your JESIN-RESIN creation out of the from.
Doesn't that just look super beautiful?
Now it's time for you to get creative: Use different glitter colors and types. Color the JESIN differently. There are sooooo many possibilities here and this DIY project isn't that complicated, right?

So have fun pouring and feel free to send me photos of your creations!

Instagram: @mrs.colorberry or @welovejesin

I'm looking forward to "seeing" from you ;) 

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