Let`s pour a CANDLE HOLDER - matte and glossy look !

Let`s pour a CANDLE HOLDER - matte and glossy look !

Always something new, right? This time it's a candle holder with a very special look: matt and shiny surface at the same time!

Hello and welcome to my new BLOG POST about "HOW TO POUR"...
Today I'm going to introduce you to a very special project with a look that is simply borderline brilliant. We will create a matte & high gloss look in one piece and in my case it is a simple candle holder.

To sum it up, here are the captions u can read below:

  • Whatproducts do  u need to re-pour it?
  • Step 1 - pouring the matte part
  • Step 2 - pouring the glossy part
  • 7 mistakes u can do while pouring this designer piece

So, let`s go and start right away.



Here are the products u need and if u click on them, a new window will open to show the details of the products and where u can shop it:


2) LIQU-MENT JET - which is a great high intense blackish color for coloring your JESIN

3) D-CAST RESIN - alternatively u can use any other resin as well, but with the D-CAST I just made the best experiences 

4) PIGMENT PASTE BLACK - alternatively u can also use mica powder f.e. CARAT BLACK, but please keep in mind that the mica will give your resin a shimmering effect, which might change the look of the candle holder slightly.

5) BUBBLEBYE for an easy remove of the air bubbles ( so u won`t need any heat gun or blow torch) *jippi*, right?! :)

and of course a

6) SILICONE MOLD - here I bought my silicone mold for this candle holder on amazon and of course I will give u the shopping link to it: CANDLE HOLDER


Besides the main products for pouring this cool candle holder, of course u also need to be prepared with some tools:

1) 2 x mixing cups ( one is for JESIN and the other is for RESIN, alternatively u can use smaller cups to mix in your mediums in case u only wanna pour one candle holder, because u won`t need that much amount)

2) 2 x 4EVERCUPS for mixing the colors in your mediums

3) 2 x 4EVERSTICKS to mix the color into JESIN and RESIN and to apply the lines in the silicone mold

4) Table needs to get covered with a plastic foil

5) Gloves ( only for working with resin. we also recommend using a respirator)

6) Scale





1) STEP ONE - pouring the matte part with JESIN

Prepare your table, place the silicone mold on the table and grab your JESIN and the LIQU-MENT JET. For the JESIN lines, which will get the matte look, u won`t need a lot of JESIN - I mixed 20gr Liquid + 40 gr Powder of the JESIN and stirred it well in my 4EVERCUP until there are no more limbs in the mix. Please make sure u really use a scale for the exact weight of the JESIN parts. But it is actually pretty easy, because JESIN has a great mixing ratio of 2:1 ( Powder : Liquid).

Just add now a few drops of the Black LIQU-MENT to the natural cream colored JESIN and stir it until it is a 100% black colored JESIN. Next just use a 4EVERSTICK and apply some lines randomly in the silicone mold. Following is totally up to u :

How many lines u wanna pour?

How thick u wanna pour them?

If u are done with your line design, just give this creation time to cure. U should wait at least 20 min - but not longer then 24 hours to add the resin to it.



2) STEP TWO - pouring the glossy part with RESIN

After the recommended curing time of the JESIN, it is time to add the resin, which causes a high gloss surface. Just mix your resin now ( as told by the manufacturer of the resin u gonna use). In my case I am using the D-CAST RESIN, which I mix in equal parts by volume. U do not use a lot - here it was 150 ml. after mixing your resin, just add the color to it (Pigment Paste Black by COLORBERRY). Then just fill the complete mold up. Use the BUBBLEBYE to spray the bubbles away, which appear on top of the surface. U might need to repeat this step in the next 30 min, because there might appear always new air bubbles on top of the surface.

Let it cure now completely and then u can demold your JESIN & RESIN creation ! Tataaa ... that's it! it is so simple! BUT - and now just to make sure u really work properly, I have listed the seven most common mistakes u can do while u are pouring this creation.

CANDLE HOLDER with matte and shiny surface made with JESIN and RESIN 


THE most common 7 MISTAKES u can do while pouring this amazing home ware piece

  • Use a 4EVERSTICK to pour the lines gently in your mold. If u are pouring directly with the cup, u won`t achieve so detailed lines and very quickly a big "blob" can happen if the whole JESIN amount runs out of your cup in the silicone mold
  • Please stick to the timing I mentioned in Step 1 + 2, otherwise the design won`t work 
  • Color the RESIN not too much with the color BLACK, because if it is slightly transparent the look will look best ! so less is more ;)
  • Do not over do the lines and I mean here the rule is as well: less is more. If u are pouring too many lines, the glossy part will not be that visible and the look will fail
  • Please be aware that the JESIN lines will spread a little bit, not that much like resin, but still. So please don`t pour them too close to each other.
  • Do not move the silicone mold after u poured the JESIN lines. They are so thin and the silicone mold is too flexible, that the lines will crack and this u see 100% in your creation.
  • JESIN has the characteristics that it will breath after u have poured it. so this might cause a few more bubbles then usual when u only work with resin. So please make sure checking the piece every 10 min (in the next 1 hour) after u added the resin, to spray the bubbles away.


OKAY ! That`s finally it !

Now u know everything about pouring this piece and it is time for u know to grab the mixing cup and start right away. If u do not have the candle holder silicone mold, just tray it out with a trinket tray or coaster mold. This design is so variable.

Enjoy pouring!

Yours, MRS.C 

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