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Kollektion: GLITTER

Glitter makes a work of art come alive. If you see a work of art that has been embellished with glitter, it comes to life through the wonderful reflection in the light. 

...it cannot be missing! When you think of COLORBERRY, you think of crystals and glitter. And with good reason, because every work of art from MRS. COLORBERRY gets a little extra sparkle with the fine or coarse glitter. They can be mixed with clear or dyed resin, sprinkled over resin that is still wet, or simply poured onto the next layer of resin in the form of glitter lines; the COLORBERRY GLITTER gives so much pleasure! What ultimately completes the work of art is the combination of different glitter colours or using glitters of different sizes in the resin. 


LIGHT FASTNESS (WOOL SCALE): 7-8 (excellent) 

CONSISTENCY: it is glitter! 

RECOMMENDED MIXING RATIO OF COLOUR TO RESIN: Max. 40% of the amount of resin to be coloured 

Glitter sizes: fine +chunky glitter 

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